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Model 16 Cu.m. A.R.S. Tipper Box Body
Dimensions 4.733m Length x 2.330m Width x 1.500m Height, Body weight including hydraulics: 4960 kg
Tip Angle51°
HydraulicsCylinder FE 129-3-3640-001A-K1529 (Hard Chromed Cradle Mounted).
P.T.O. suitable for Gear Box. Gear pump mounted on above P.T.O. - 82LPM/66LPM Tipping valve - cabin fitted which auto disengages P.T.O. & proportionallowering.
Side mounted 50 liters reservoir with Return Line Filter, Air Breathers & Oil Level Indicator. Hydraulic oil 68 grade. Hydraulic Hoses & Hose fitting.
Super StructureFloor with sandwiched wood paking. wood packing also between s ub frame and floor.
Fixed side boards and head boards. Extended length of canopy to provide guard on the cabin.
Accessories1. Till lamp holders with Heavy - duty guards.
2. Bolt table steel mudguards on Second & Third axle
3. Hinged stop plate & vehicle number plate is provided on the tail lamp guards.
4. Lockable choke holder (for two chokes) welded on headboard.
PaintingSpray painted with high quality paint as per customer choice